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  1. John T. McCrea says:

    Bob – Thanks for your reply. But also, I’m wondering if you received my message addressed to your old personal address. I don’t know whether that’s still active. But, if you did get it, you may have thought I did not want you to refer to my sons, from what I said. No worry – but if you did get that, I would be interested in any thoughts as to what I wrote about of their Atlanta interests.

    And – to add a bit – my former wife Betty died four years ago. She had longed been a member at North Avenue – and my sons were in various kinds of contact with that staff, in her last days and after.

    Just comments – even though I may have complicated it all. Reply if you choose.

    And, I probably told you, my church is First Pres of Orlando, now a EPC. We recently entertained their General Assembly. I think our Pastor, David Swanson, is a great adherent of the type of current parish directions you have set out – and – in fact – he has known Tim Keller, and interacted with him to some extent. McCrea

    • rthenderson says:

      John: I did get your message. My address still works. I have pretty much placed North Avenue in my past as a somewhat rudderless scene seeking to reclaim its past. (By the way, I knew Betty quite well right down to her last days.) I find North Avenue sad. I also am part of a church affiliated with the EPC that is a fairly new church plant (12 years) and quite dynamic and encouraging. Bob

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