Blogs are supposed to be brief, pithy communications (which brief-ness many of us bloggers never accomplish). But given the fact that many of us are now in lockdown due to the coronavirus, and looking for something useful to occupy our time, … I thought that I would do something outrageous and post a mega-blog, … like recommending a book, that I wrote a couple of decades back, and which I have been re-reading this past week, and saying to myself: “Wow! Did I really write that? That’s really good stuff.” That sounds crazy, bit I am finding it a very positive and refreshing read. So, if you are looking for a fruitful way to pass some time, and can spare $25.00, here goes

It is a book entitled: Enchanted Community: Journey Into the Mystery of the Church. It is published by Wipf and Stock Publishers of Eugene, Oregon, or also available through Amazon. Like many of my books, it was provoked by my young adult friends who were struggling with their encounter with the church. In this one it is with a young graduate student who is altogether confident in his Christian faith, but stumbled by his encounter with the church. He is witty, insistent, sassy, mentally very sharp, and a delight to engage in conversation.

In the course of many times together, the whole issue of why the church exists? What is its message and mission? Its Biblical and theological roots? And its necessary role in God’s new creation in Christ? This guy challenges me, argues with me, … but is essentially on the same quest that I have been on during most of my adult life.

I am prone to think, as I am now reading it again, that it may be the most significant of the dozen, or so, books that I have written. It is also the first in what would become a trilogy. It would be a great study book for any group of thoughtful young adults seriously engaged in understanding the church of which they are participants.

So, there is my mega-blog. Take care. Stay safe. These are perilous and trying days.


About rthenderson

Sixty years a pastor-teacher within the Presbyterian Church. Author of several books, the latest of which are a trilogy on missional ecclesiology: ENCHANTED COMMUNITY: JOURNEY INTO THE MYSTERY OF THE CHURCH, then, REFOUNDING THE CHURCH FROM THE UNDERSIDE, then THE CHURCH AND THE RELENTLESS DARKNESS. Previous to this trilogy was A DOOR OF HOPE: SPIRITUAL CONFLICT IN PASTORAL MINISTRY, and SUBVERSIVE JESUS, RADICAL FAITH. I am a native of West Palm Beach, Florida, a graduate of Davidson College, then of Columbia and Westminster Theological Seminaries.
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